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Mobile Marketing That Connects to Your Customers

What is a StarStar number?

A ** number is a unique branding tool that connects your business name and phone number.  Instead of marketing a 1-800 number or a local number to promote your business, using a ** number enables all mobile phone users to remember you and connect to your business in a much more efficient way.  A ** number also give you the ability to re-market to callers via SMS text, audio message, video message, visual ivr, survey/poll, etc.

Why use a StarStar number?

There are a host of benefits to using Star Star Mobile Technology. Here are the top 3…

With Star Star Mobile, your business name is your phone number: Branding your name and your phone number becomes synonymous. A potential customer can easily remember how to contact you (e.g., for St. Mary’s Hospital, dial **STMARY).

With Star Star Mobile, each caller receives an immediate custom marketing message from your company: When a potential customer calls, they immediately receive a text based marketing message from your company.  Whether it be a simple text, an audio or video message, a visual ivr, a survey or poll, or anything else, each caller will immediately receive your marketing message with motivation to action.

With Star Star Mobile, your company receives rich data analytics, and database delivery for ongoing re-marketing campaigns: With every ** number call, your business is building a powerful database of phone numbers for future texting campaigns, complete with geographic, chronological, and quantitative data.


Mobile Engagement Interface

Capture micro moments and let customers interact with your brand, products and services via voice, text, web, mobile app in a customized, personalized engagement.

National to Local Targeting

Our Geo-targeting and fencing provides your customers with customized, personalized content, driving relevant, meaningful, campaigns, increasing engagement.

Rich Data & Attribution Analytics

StarStar brand numbers and keywords unlock powerful insights into your customer’s engagement with your brand via mobile. Track attribution and find the most effective campaigns by keyword, location, click, and dial.

How StarStar Mobile Works

Dialing a StarStar Brand Number or Keyword

Simply dial ** and the brand number or keyword from your mobile phone. Press send or dial to get started…

Direct Cell Tower Connection

Geo targeting and fencing provides your customers with your customized, personalized content driving relevant, meaningful campaigns, increasing engagement where they are, when they need it, at the right time.

Digital Asset Delivery

Create your campaign and share relevant, measurable, targeted content by location. All of your digital marketing collateral sent to one location or many. Share coupons, obtain more app downloads, video, polls, obtain user-generated content, all via our mobile engagement platform. Each interaction is personalized, creating an outstanding customer experience.

Measurement and Attribution

Our proprietary technology identifies every StarStar brand name, keyword, location, click, conversion that comes across the StarStar platform. Attribution, click-through, conversion, and engagement are easily identified with keyword being assigned per media channel.

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